Cocktail/Fun Fashion

This is a new area to the ANTSO program, which replaces decorated jeans. This area of competition is designed to provide each contestant with an opportunity to express her own personal sense of style. Choose your favorite outfit designed for the red carpet or a celebration. Think glitz, glam, and dressy. This outfit should be out of the box and FUN! 

Evening Gown

Choose an evening gown that compliments your natural qualities and embodies your personal style! We suggest that you choose a gown that compliments your figures and skin tone and is age appropriate. Additionally, the hemline should just touch the floor so that the contestant can walk comfortably on stage. Below are a few additional styling tips for this area of competition:

Shoes: Clear or compliment the gown

Makeup:  Natural and age appropriate

Hair: Flatters the style of the gown and shows your personality

Jewelry: Flatters the gown and does not overpower the girl wearing it


Kaity Interview.jpg
Cate Interview.jpg

Select a suit or dress that you would either wear to church or to a business interview. The outfit should be age appropriate based on the division you are competing in, fit well, and reflects your personality. Don't be afraid of color! A suit or dress with color often stands out from the rest of the crowd. Additionally, select shoes that compliment the outfit (clear or beige usually work best) and style hair and jewelry to be fairly simple.