What are the benefits of being in America’s National Teenager?

  • Build inner confidence and leadership skills

  • Meet educational goals

  • Create lasting friendships

  • Showcase your talents and abilities

  • Strengthen your character

  • Win great prizes and scholarship money!

What are the age qualifications and competition divisions?

  • To become America's National TWEEN you must be at least 7 and under 10 by January 1, 2019.

  • To become America’s National PRETEEN you must be at least 10 and under 13 by January 1, 2019.

  • To become America’s National JUNIOR you must be at least 13 and under 16 by January 1, 2019.

  • To become America’s National TEENAGER you must be at least 16 and under 19 by January 1, 2019.

  • To become America’s National MISS you must be at least 19 and under 26 by January 1, 2019.

The Winning Score! 

At America’s National Teenager, we want to provide girls with a positive enriching experience. It is our goal to build self-confidence and reward young women for their scholastic and community achievements. Our qualified state judging panels will score contestants based on the following criteria:

  • 30% Interview

  • 15% Evening Gown

  • 15% Cocktail/Fun Fashion

  • 15% School (academics and school awards/excellence)

  • 15% Activities (leadership, extra-curricular activities and community service)

  • 10% Onstage Question

Our judges will come from throughout the country and will include local celebrities and business people who could impact your career choices.

*There is no talent or swimsuit portion. We focus on what is true from the inside out!

Sparkle and Shine: What do I wear?

After you apply for the program, you will receive specific information on what to wear and how to prepare for the pageant. You will need an evening gown, but we discourage you from buying a new and very expensive dress. There are tons of beautiful dresses available for rent, or you can borrow a dress from a friend.

In order to maintain a uniform look for the state production opening number, we will sell you an inexpensive outfit for production. You will find our outfit to be a nice dress, something you can and will wear again to a dressy event or function! We believe in quality at America’s National Teenager! Remember, America’s National Teenager is all about honoring America’s extraordinary young women for their achievements. We are interested in you, not what you are wearing. Our judges do not judge girls on hair, makeup or clothing and we do not have a swimsuit competition.

Can you write like Jane Austen? Got a voice like Kelly Clarkson? We want you to display your talents!

America’s National Teenager holds optional competitions in written essay, speech, talent, modeling, and acting that are separate from the rest of the pageant and have their own set of judges. Your score in these competitions does not affect your overall pageant score. It has no bearing on the overall competition categories. The cost for entry into each optional competition is just $30 with an option of two entries into each category.

Do I have to be involved in the optional competitions?

No. You do not need to compete in the optional competitions to be eligible to compete for the Miss National Teenager titles.

If I do not compete in the optional competitions, will it affect my score with the judges?

Not in any way. The optional competitions are typically judged by a separate set of judges (or after the main competition judging is complete) and are not a part of the overall competition score.

Do I have to sell advertising to enter?

No. Advertising sales are optional at the state level. Selling advertising, however, is an activity that many of the finalists enjoy because of the prizes and discounts on fees that can be earned. When you are selected into a state program, you will receive information that explains the price of the program booklet advertising and all of the prizes and awards that are available. By selling ads, you can win free hotel nights, DVD Players, video recorders, cash, and other great prizes! Those that sell a minimum of six advertising pages are also eligible for the titles of Miss Hospitality in each state and division. All Miss Hospitality titleholders are included in all state appearances during the year and the queen photo shoot. Being selected as Miss Hospitality has no bearing on the selection of the state queen in her division.

What do the sponsors receive for sponsoring me?

They receive recognition in the state program booklet with their business listed under the photograph of the state contestant. 

I have heard that some programs start with a dance number. What is this like and what if I can’t dance?

In most states, a choreographer/production leader will work with contestants on a production number that everyone will be able to do. If not, rest assured that it will be a “fun” number that majors on movement and not intricate dance steps. It is all good fun! Production numbers do not have any impact on who is selected as a state titleholder.